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Werewolf Adoption Agency


  • These terms apply to all characters designed by me that are received through adoptables, auctions, resold OCs, Custom designs commissions, trades, ect.

  • Violation of the terms and conditions listed here will result in being black listed from all future sales and business.

General Rules
  • Once payment is received, non-commercial possession of the character and its design transfers to the Purchaser. However, I require that you always credit me, TeknicolorTiger or Cassandra Apone, as the original creator of the artwork, regardless of how you may alter it and wherever it is posted for display or usage.

  • By making this purchase, you are permitted to edit the design however you wish, with the assumption that you will credit me for the original artwork and original design wherever the character is displayed such as in online galleries like DeviantArt or FurAffinity. You may, of course, credit yourself for the alterations.

  • You may use your new character in any way you wish barring advertisement or promotion of disrespectful or harmful messages or ideology. Do not use my creations to promote hatred or discrimination. If I feel you are using them in this way, you will be permanently blacklisted from all future sales and business and legal action may be sought in extreme cases that may pose a threat to my person and reputation.

  • Do not make "copies" of the character with the intent to resell for profit. (i.e. creating an alternate form and selling both, or turning it into a closed/open species to sell, etc.)

  • Both the design and artwork is for personal use only and may not be used commercially. Any purchaser caught using the design or artwork in this way may be subject to legal ramifications as per the US and Canada Fair Use Copyright Act.

  • All sales are final.

Transferring Ownership
  • You may resell the design but may not sell it for higher than what you originally paid. (i.e. If you buy it for $85 USD it must be sold for $85 USD or less.)

  • If the character you wish to sell contains additional pieces of art such as a fursuit, badges, any and all artwork featuring the likeness or appearance of said character, please contact me first before selling higher than the original price. So long as this is not being done for the sole purpose of turning a profit to the benefit of the Purchaser, then I'm generally okay with it being sold at a higher price. I do not lay claim to any money exchanged hereafter unless it is in direct violation of the rules and conditions outlined here in which case legal action may be sought.

  • Trading or gifting the design to someone else is allowed. If you have acquired an adoptable through a trade/gift, please do not sell it for profit unless you have permission from the original buyer that traded/gifted it to you.

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