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Experimental Paintings

These are "experimental", artistic freedom pieces in which, after receiving minimal guidelines from a client, the quality and composition are left to me. Will it be a dabble in cell-shading? Emulating a famous painter's style but with your characters? Editing your characters into a photo? A short comic? Medieval-styled illuminated manuscript? A field-study, complete with sketches and notes, of your critter? A Tarot card? It's a surprise! Backgrounds are generally rough or implied, but may also end up quite detailed. I charge a flat rate of $500 for a maximum of two characters. This amount affords me the time and effort it may take to fuss over details and try new things. Please also note that the amount of detail in armor or character design will be left to my discretion, although I try my best to keep the important details. Commissioners will be able to approve each stage of development. 

Flat rate of $500.

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