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This list contains prices for additional items such as detailed or simple background elements, complicated character design, and detailed wardrobe or armor, etc. You will be able to select these options when filling out the order form for each commission type.

Simple background elements (color splash, rough shapes or shadows to imply a background) - $0

Additional Characters - $50 per added character

Complex, fully rendered backgrounds - 30% of base price

Priority or rush orders - 20% of base price

The following items are 20% of the original base price:

  • Detailed background elements (more discernible shapes, shading, color, etc.. Enough detail to form a recognizable location)

  • Complex markings or tattoos

  • Armor or complex wardrobe

  • Multiple limbs/heads

  • Robotics

  • Weaponry/complex prop

  • Wings

 A 50% charge will be added onto the base price in the event of any design work requested of me. This includes transformation scenes. Please provide proper visual references at time of commissioning.



A shoulders-up portrait of your character. Great for DnD tokens or icons. 

Simple B/W Sketch - $50

"Embellished"  B/W Sketch - $80

Flat Colors - $80

B/W Render - $100

Full Render - $120


Sketches (Line art, Colored,etc.)

 Roughly line art-ed drawing. +$50 USD for additional characters to a maximum of 4.


Full Body Prices

Simple B/W Sketch - $100

Flat Colored Sketch - $120

B/W Render Sketch - $200

Half Body Prices

Simple B/W Sketch - $90

Flat Colored Sketch - $100

B/W Render Sketch - $180

Concept Sketch Sheets

Concept Sketch Sheets (aka Character Exploration Sketch Sheets)

These sheets start at $250 for the following:

  • At least one colored full or half-bodied sketch

  • 5-6 smaller sketches for exploring anatomical details, ideas for attributes, or facial expressions

  • At least 2 of the smaller sketches will also be in color

These sheets are basically just me having fun and doing studies on the client's character or creature to figure out nuances based on a few guidelines or descriptions. The commissioner does not need a visual reference already made for their character in order to commission these - that's part of the purpose of them! But, it does really help if accuracy or clarity is a concern. These are a unique and fun way of showing off a reference for your character and for gaining an understanding of how some ideas about your character could possibly work.

Note that this is, in large part, an artistic freedom commission. Meaning that I retain the vast majority of control over toying with the design. WIPs will be shown throughout the process, however, and the commissioner is free to make suggestions to changes if the design is very much off base or in error due to misinterpretation on my part. Add-on prices can still apply.

Base price of $250 for minimum one full or half-bodied, flat colored sketch, 5-6 smaller exploratory sketches, at least 2 of those in color.

Order a Concept Sketch Sheet
Waist-Up Portraits

Painted Waist-Up Portraits

A single character, fully rendered, waist-up portrait. Backgrounds are simple and are generally splashes of color or light unless requested otherwise. These work great as phone wallpapers or Icons when cropped.

Base price of $300

Full body portrait (see Illustrations)

Order a Waist-Up Portrait
Experimental Paintings

Experimental Paintings

These are "experimental", artistic freedom pieces in which, after receiving minimal guidelines from a client, the quality and composition are left to me. Will it be a dabble in cell-shading? Emulating a famous painter's style but with your characters? Editing your characters into a photo? A short comic? Medieval-styled illuminated manuscript? A field-study, complete with sketches and notes, of your critter? A Tarot card? It's a surprise! Backgrounds are generally rough or implied, but may also end up quite detailed. I charge a flat rate of $500 for a maximum of two characters. This amount affords me the time and effort it may take to fuss over details and try new things. Please also note that the amount of detail in armor or character design will be left to my discretion, although I try my best to keep the important details. Commissioners will be able to approve each stage of development. 

Flat rate of $500.

Order an Experimental Painting


These are more refined pieces and can be anywhere from a full-body portrait to a full scene depending on the requirements or expectations set by the commissioner. Typically, they are fully realized scenes with more attention paid to composition and rendering. Commissioners generally receive a few different thumbnails to choose from, which can include color and lighting options. Price increases with added detail and rendering at the instruction of the commissioner and add-ons as listed in the section at the top of the page. Click on the above examples for an idea on what to ask for regarding quality.

Base price of $600 for single character, rough background. 

Order a Full Illustration
Reference Sheets

Reference Sheets 

Ref sheets work a little differently than the other types of commissions as I work very closely with the commissioner in order to depict the most accurate version of the character possible. Good and clear communication is a must with these as well as accurate and up-to-date references, descriptive or visual (though visual is very much preferred if at all possible).

Base price of $600. Includes up to two images of a character (front and back view OR two different forms of the same character, for example, and a color palette). Price increases with added detail. Add-On prices still apply.

Order a Reference Sheet

Final Fantasy XIV Paint-Overs

Final Fantasy XIV Paint-Overs

These commissions are where the client provides a screenshot from the game, Final Fantasy XIV, that they would like me to work from. I sometimes call these "repaints" because I'm essentially tracing over the screenshot - altering, removing, or adding details such as fixing anatomy and clipping, as I go. And then painting over the screenshot itself. All while accounting for lighting changes - if needed - shading, texturing, and other details. It is important that the client provides the screenshot they would like reworked in this manner, as I can only add in so many details myself. More info in the bullet points below:

  • Clients must provide a screenshot or gpose they've taken themselves from the game. This screenshot must contain most of the information the client would like in the final. This includes, characters, weapons, clothing, setting, and pose. Lighting and mood will likely be enhanced for full effect in the final, but commissioners are free to request changes to see what's possible. I.e. changing a bright and sunny day to a dark and dreary one. I prefer if this information is already in the screenshot, however.

  • They must tell me if any details they may like altered, removed, or added, and provide appropriate references. Please note that these are small changes or additions only. Unless the client is willing to pay for the extra time and work, I will not be adding in any characters or assets that are not already present in the screenshot. I.e. Rendering or adding an entirely different weapon, outfit, character, or detailed background.

  • Clients must be clear on what they would like done with the background - whether they'd like for it to be abstract as in the example, or kept largely as is in the screenshot provided.

  • Things I can add or change upon request;

    • Adding or removing scars, markings, changing eye or hair color​

    • Adding or removing small details on weapons or clothes such as wear and tear, slight color changes, removal of certain features (i.e. removing an extra barrel on a gun, or changing the color from gold to silver on the handle or blade of a sword.)​​

    • Very minor shifts in positioning of limbs or the direction eyes may be looking

    • Facial expression (though it's very much preferred that this is already provided in the screenshot)

    • Minor changes to background lighting or weather

    • Removing an entire character or other feature.

  • If you're unsure of what I can and can't do, feel free to ask!

  • Most Add-On pricing will not apply to these unless I feel it is necessary. I.e. making large changes to the screenshot in the paint-over such as adding a new character, changing a weapon, etc. 

Entire screenshot paint-over (includes some manner of background upon request, any foreground characters, whether half or full-body) - $250

If a screenshot has more than two characters - +$50 per additional character

Shoulders-up Portrait (ideally for use as an icon or pfp) - $120

Large group shots - Please inquire for a quote

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