Rules for Patreon

Sketch Request Streams

  1. Sketch Request Streams are for Wild-Touched through Dreaming God tiers only.

  2. I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason.

  3. OCs (whether yours or mine) are okay so long as they are not terribly complicated in design. Complex design elements include but are not limited to: wings, stripes/spots, mechanical limbs, extra limbs, complicated patterning.

  4. The requester is free to suggest what they would like, whether it's a bust, waist-up, or full body view, but I generally base this on whether they have a specific scene, pose, or action in mind. To that end, the amount of character showing is mainly at my discretion.

  5. Sketches are black and white lineart but may contain some shading and highlighting at my discretion. Sketches may be rough or clean, again at my discretion.

  6. As these request streams are meant to be fun and lighthearted, I will be choosing them via Picarto raffle. Not everyone will receive a sketch for that month. To be clear, this is not like the previous reward system in which everyone is guaranteed a piece of art.

  7. Only one sketch per winner, per month. If you enter the raffle, and win a sketch request, then you may not enter the raffle again until the following month.

  8. Patrons who do not win a raffle 3 times in a row will be given priority on the 4th raffle. At the beginning of the stream, I will ask that all of those who have not won the previous 3 raffles to enter into the first raffle (I will be keeping track). Winners will be chosen from there.

  9. Depending on any extenuating circumstances such as the state of my physical health, my mental health, appointments, etc., I will be holding multiple raffles in a stream. My hope is to complete at least 3 sketches per stream.

  10. Date and Time TBD (likely once to twice a month always on either a Saturday or a Sunday after 2pm PST.) I will post an announcement both on the Discord server and the Patreon site once I have confirmed. Streams will begin October 2019.

  11. Only one subject/OC per request.

  12. If folks want me to add color, extra character, shading, etc. to their sketch then we can discuss this at the time of submitting your request if you've already got something in mind, or you can decide later. Extra work on any sketch request will require payment. Patreon discounts will apply.

Thank you to all my Patrons!