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How to Order a Commission

Step One:

Read the Terms of Service

The Terms of Service (ToS) are essentially the rules for how the commission process will proceed.  Policies for what I will draw, how payment and refunds are dealt with, details on customer and artist rights, and more are discussed in this document. If you decide to commission me, you will be agreeing to the terms outlined in my ToS, so please make sure to read this first!

Step Two:

Check the Queue for Open Slots

The commission queue is where current accepted commissions are listed with updates, and where you can find which types of commissions are available to purchase. I do this via TRELLO, which is where the button below will take you. Check under the ANNOUNCEMENTS! board for more information on commission openings.

Step Three:

Fill Out The Order Form

In order to be considered for a commission slot, you must fill out and submit this form with all required information. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of ordering a commission, feel free to read over the rules HERE, or email me directly with inquiries at

Note that if the button is not working, then the order form is not active and I am not accepting commissions.

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