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Terms of Service

​Please be aware that the following information is in regards to non-commercial work only, and is subject to revisions and additions without notice. To inquire about commercial projects, please click the button below.

Quotes, Payments, and Refunds

Quotes, Payments, and Refunds

For legal reasons, it must be stated that, I, Cassandra Aponte (aka TeknicolorTiger Studios), will be referred to henceforth as "the artist" wheresoever mentioned in the following Terms and Conditions.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice; however, commissions taken before any price updates will not be affected.

A preliminary quote will be given when a complete commission proposal is provided. Unless the customer indicates that they are merely requesting a Price Quote when filling out the form, the commissioner will be considered active in the commission process, and will be expected to provide a pre-payment for the commission if the commission amount warrants it.

All commissions must be paid in full before work begins. However, for commissions over $100 USD a payment plan can be worked out between the artist and commissioner.

If payment is not received within a week of payment request, the commission will be considered cancelled and the commissions slot will be given to another client. The artist must be informed of any delays in payment. Invoicing can be postponed at the commissioner's request, but work will not commence until payment has been received in full, unless another agreement has been otherwise decided upon.

Once the commission price and/or payment schedule has been decided, the artist will email the commissioner a paypal invoice. Any payment sent to the artist without first alerting her of incoming funds will result in a refund.

Payment for commissions must be made via Paypal.

The Artist reserves the right to refuse any commission without an expressed reason.

Please note that by commissioning me, the Artist, the commissioner is automatically agreeing to these terms of service.​

Contact, Communication, and Cancellations

Contact, Communicaton, and Cancellations

The commissioner/client has the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason, but will not be refunded for work already completed up to the time of cancellation.

The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason, at which point the commissioner will receive a refund (if any money has been exchanged at this point), for work not already completed up to the time of cancellation.

Commission information sent via notes on DeviantArt/Weasyl / DMs over Twitter or Tumblr will not be accepted. All clients are required to fill out a form at the time of commission.

The client is required to provide a current email and secondary form of contact (DeviantArt/FurAffinity username, Twitter handle, or alternate email etc.) for communication purposes. The commissioner is also required to provide their Paypal email for the purposes of receiving a Paypal invoice. If the artist cannot contact the commissioner via either method, the commissioner will be considered unresponsive. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to provide the artist with updates to their contact information if changes occur. Any personal information made available to the artist (such as emails, addresses viewable through paypal, etc.) will never be released to the public unless requested by extreme circumstances such as in the case of a crime having been committed, at which point information may be provided to the appropriate authorities.

If the commissioner is unresponsive for four weeks from the point of  last communication and despite further communication attempts from the artist, without warning the artist of extended absences or other unavoidable circumstances, the commission will be considered cancelled, and the commissioner's slot given up for another customer. Any money paid up to that point, barring any work already done up to that point on the commission, will be refunded. If a refund is not possible or accepted, then the artist retains the right to keep any and all payment.

If the commissioner resumes communication at a later date after their commission has been officially cancelled, the commission may be resumed. This offer expires after one year of no communication, however. At which point the commissioner must restart the commission process completely and will be required to pay for any new work in full.

If the commissioner resumes communication and wishes to receive a refund instead of resuming their commission, a refund will be provided minus the work already completed up to the point of cancellation, if applicable. Again, this offer only stands for up to a year after last contact is made with the commissioner.

In the event the commissioner resumes communication any time before the year from last contact is expired, the commissioner may completely revise their original commission request to another idea or character if they change their mind of what they want to have drawn, but they may make this change only once, and only if the Artist has not already started drawing their commission.​ Barring any complex elements introduced, such as a complicated character design or additional character, the commissioner will not be required to pay any additional charges for resuming their commission.

The artist may take up to six months to fully complete a commission depending on set deadlines for other, bigger pieces placed prior, health reasons, or previously planned vacations or delays. Regarding holiday absence, the artist will inform the commissioner of these delays - if foreseen - at the time of order. Any deadlines must be discussed in the initial commission proposal to be considered before the preliminary sketch is started. Notification will be given to the commissioner for major, unavoidable delays.

As the artist suffers from some mental and physical health issues, please expect some delays. Please allow at least a month before inquiring about the status of your commission.

Queuing, Progress, and Revisions

Queuing, Progress, and Revisions

The artist reserves the right to work through her list of commissions in any order she sees fit. Commissions are not first come, first serve unless specified by the artist or if the commissioner provides a specific date by which they require their piece be completed. The commissioner must express this upon placing the order for the commission. Rushed or priority orders will be charged 20% of base price for the highest-cost item. Commission slots are generally completed in the order in which they are placed into the "Commission Queue" column on the Trello page. The last slots to be filled in a commission opening will generally go near the bottom of the queue, as the artist already has a more detailed idea of what will come of the items near the top of the queue, and therefore, is likely more/better prepared to start them.

Commissioners will be given a Trello card upon finalizing the details of the commission.

The artist will always contact the commissioner through the commissioner's preferred means as indicated at time of ordering to confirm approval at certain stages. These include the Thumbnail, Sketch, and Final stages. Additional WIPs may be emailed to the commissioner directly if the artist requires further direction, otherwise these intermediary phases will be updated to the Trello card along with a timestamp detailing the amount of time taken thus far and any notes regarding future details to be implemented in the coming phase.

The artist will provide a Thumbnail(s) sketch of the commission to show poses, composition, and possible color and lighting palette. Specific details and features of characters will not be visible. Thumbnails, preliminary sketches and works-in-progress (WIPs) will be watermarked and at a much lower resolution than the final if the commission has yet to be paid in full. The commissioner can request up to three new revisions of the Thumbnail at this stage, but will then incur a $50 USD charge for any additional thumbnails thereafter.

After the Thumbnail phase is the Sketch phase. Here the artist will provide a much more detailed lineart of the commission. At this point specific features and details of the characters will be drawn in. Commissioners are now free to suggest any changes or additions the artist may have missed. The commissioner is entitled to three minor revisions at this stage, but will incur a $50 USD charge for any additional changes thereafter. Any major revisions at this stage, such as a complete redraw will require a reassessment of the payment for the commission and review of contract.

The Final stage is when the piece is completed. The commissioner is permitted three free minor revisions at this point. Any more after that and a $50 USD charge will be incurred. The artist reserves the right to deny any major revisions after this point. In total, the commissioner receives 3 free revisions per stage of the commission barring major revisions such as complete rework of poses, characters, and lighting.

Once art is received by the commissioner through email, the artist kindly asks that they respond with confirmation. 

​Content and Subject Matter

Content and Subject Matter

​The artist retains the right to politely refuse any commission for any reason.

The artist will refuse to draw:


  • hateful, sexist or racist imagery

  • explicit pornographic images (penetration, masturbation, etc.)

  • explicit sexual fetishes

  • underage characters in questionable situations

Artistic nudity and erotic "cheesecake" pin-ups are acceptable, so long as the commissioned picture does not include any of the elements mentioned above.

The artist is willing to attempt any species and gender.

The artist is willing to depict gore and blood so long as it is not fetishistic or for the purposes of pornography.

The artist is willing to draw trademarked and "fan" characters, but the commissioner retains liability.

An additional charge may be incurred if characters feature wings, stripes or spots, additional limbs, complicated patterning, tattoos, or multi-colored skin/fur/scales. Price list of these add-ons may be found here.

​Display and Usage Rights

Display and Usage Rights

The artist retains the right to display all artwork in their personal websites and galleries and also claims the rights to the artwork itself. The artist retains the right to make prints of any commissioned artwork unless clearly expressed otherwise in writing by the commissioner.

The commissioner has limited rights for the personal use of completed commissions, which includes resizing, cropping, and printing for purpose of personal display. The commissioner may also re-post completed commissions on their personal website/galleries as long as the image remains unedited (aside from the aforementioned adjustments for the purposes of display) and full credit is given to the artist. The commissioner must always post the watermarked version provided to them. Reproduction of the commissioned image with the intent to sell is prohibited, as per US and Canadian Fair Use Copyright law.


No artwork made by the artist, including commissions, may be used in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any other inventions in this space. Any Client found to be using commissioned images in the creation or promotion of blockchain content will be immediately blacklisted. The artist retains the right to seek legal action or consultation if her artwork is discovered on any blockchain or cryptocurrency-related collection or sellers website. No artwork, commissioned or otherwise, may be advertised, displayed, sold, or used commercially without explicit permission granted to the commissioner or purchaser through a mutually agreed-upon contract and appropriate payment granted to the artist for these rights.

The commissioner is required to post only the watermarked, low-res version of their commissioned image to any online gallery or website. Full resolution files are for personal use only - namely making a print for personal use.

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